• Bonneville Dam Aerial, Columbia River

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  • Glen Canyon Dam

  • CGRS Overview

    CGRS Overview

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  • Commercial Solar Installation


Showcasing our ever expanding range of equipment, personnel and expertise in providing very safe and cost effective uses for both our General Aviation (GA), Rotary and Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) aerial services. Headquartered in Northern California our team has over 75 years combined GA and sUAS with: fixed wing, rotary and multi-engines on both land and water. Our passion for general aviation tied with small aircraft and multi-rotors that fly legally, married with the latest in GPS, thermal, spectral and digital 4k photography payloads brings unique solutions which provide amazing results for agriculture, civil, hydro and volumetrics to name a few. We continue to strive helping clients in many different fields, capturing images and data that before NewAgeAerial was a risk to employees in the field and cost prohibitive by traditional means.

Be secure in knowing that New Age Aerial is a licenced, insured and inspected company that prides itself on it’s one hundred percent safety record as indicated in our flight logs.

Oroville Dam emergency spillway before activation


Stockpile volumetrics survey 2016