Volumetrics – how accurate is your stockpile inventory today?


noun: a large accumulated stock of goods or materials, especially one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency.

Large? how large? huge? really really big? or my son’s favorite word: GINORMOUS.
We need better measurements than adjectives to explain our stockpiles on a regular basis. But how can we cut production time to deliver the quantities needed based upon our current capacity and reserves? NewAgeAerial.com can solve a portion of this equation for you while you focus on what you are experts in, keeping your assests and manpower online and providing the materials needed by your clients.
 Case in point:
here is a ‘huge‘ stockpile of sand. What do you notice?
3d stockpile#2
 Going back to pen and ink drafting 101 – this is a projection, with the new green digital point cloud projected above the stockpile. All green lines are real 3D data, spatially located.
  • On the right side there is a ‘void’ where material is actively being withdrawn
  • The surface is not a ‘mesa’ and flat, of course not – but some LIDAR equipment will not be able to pick up these variations from the ground
  • There is some red on the left side – that actually indicates below ‘grade’. The soft purple color is ‘grade’ and is not counted toward the volume. Looking back to the original image you can also see where the water is puddling, again the lower elevations.
  • There are some calculations in the left margin telling the user that this ‘huge’ pile(using a multiplier of 1.33) has a volume of 63,299.13 cubic yards.
  • With this process it took less than 17 seconds to define the shape, input the density factor and generate the result, really 🙂
  • This process is accurate to +/- 9% and can be used in a variety of ways as it is GeoLocked 3D data. Want to find and remove 38,000 cubic yards of material from this pile? Do you want to load it from the outside road or on the inside track? Draw a new polygon projection and experiment in real time to decide which would be the best solution for your crew.

How accurate do you WANT?
stockpile#2 report

This is a sample page of our FINAL report for the stockpiles for this location.

It has all the information you would expect to see:

  • Date
  • Material type
  • Stockpile name 
  • Multiplier for cubic yards
  • GeoLocked coordinates
  • Volumes for cubic feet / yards / tons

So THIS HUGE number is 62,357.99 and the cool 3D projection above is 63,299.13 – a difference of 941.14. What gives? “Isn’t this all Geo something or other 3D pointy things data?”

Here is the backstory without getting ‘geeked up’.
The down and dirty quickly done green point cloud that was generated on the fly is ‘good’ at approximately 9% error. When you let our other applications process this same pile and generate the final report – it is +/- FIVE PERCENT.

That is HUGE

How accurate are your stockpiles? Do you have reserves? NewAgeAerial.com can be your 5% inventory asset. Contact us today and we can talk about your needs.