Oroville dam update from the Cherokee 6

Our flight today took us out of Yuba City, Sutter Co. Airport O52 before 0800 on October 26, 2017. Flying at 1500AGL out of controlled airspace toward the city of Oroville, following the Thermalito forebay we flew four grids of various altitudes and directions shooting with a Canon 80D and various telephoto lenses in RAW 4K. On the return leg we flew downstream back to Marysville and Yuba City taking note of the levees and ongoing upgrades. This is a small sampling of some of the 500+ images shot in an that hour flight.

Morning flight out of Sutter County to document the continuing process of the February 2017 event at the Oroville dam. All images shot from the Piper Cherokee 6 at 2000’AGL and are property of NewAgeAerial.com and not to be used without permission. No UAVs where used in any of these images

295 Wiskey
Thermalito Diversion Pool
Thermalito Power Canal
Earthworks, power plant, spillway looking north
looking northeast from the power station towards the gates
downstream view of the Thermalito Forebay
final connection of the upper and lower sections of the spillway
mostly completed spillway
full run of the spillway
downstream of the spillway gates
gates, emergency spillway looking south
Emergency spillway
emergency spillway and gates with staging areas
Oroville dam looking SouthEast
8am Oroville dam overview
new river outline and on-site earth works
emergency spillway looking north
scouring still present on opposite bank
downstream looking east
emergency spillway looking east
detail shot of the final connection
levee work next to Sutter Co airport at confluence looking at runway 17
levee work in Sutter Co at western approach to the 5th street bridge
5th street bridge, Marysville and levee work looking south
the 3 bridges looking due east from 2000′ AGL at the confluence with highway 70 in the midground