complete dam inspections, with millimeter accurate defect mapping
penstock inspections
upstream and downstream final leg into power house conditions
post work brochure, video, stills, as-built video documentation, secure cloud based client storage.

Detailed examples available only by direct request from qualified agencies.

Spillway rendered point cloud in 4k HD using Pix4D at sub 2cm accuracy

Rendered 3D model of a 635′ dam in Northern California

Final penstock run into powerhouse during high water event, Moccasin, CA

Oroville emergency spillway before first use. GA at 1000′ AGL
Bullards Bar Dam 625′ AGL downstream face test flights for aerial imagery collection
Natomas Dam, Sacramento California
Nimbus dam, Sacramento California
Natoma dam with gates in full use
Nimbus dam with gates in use, 1000′ AGL GA
downstream at 125'AGL
Hour House Dam, downstream at 125’AGL UAV

Camp Far WestCamp Far West Dam at full release, downstream at 125′ AGL UAV