NAA Team

The Team

  • Dave McCreary– Founder, lead safety officer, California based
  • Les Sanders – Director of GA flight operations. Cessna 182, and Piper P40, FAA certified pilot and instructor, California based
  • Jeremy Saltman – Director of UAV/UAS flight operations, FAA certified pilot and instructor, California based
  • Vaughn Shultz – Assistant director of GA flight operations. Cessna 172/150, FAA certified pilot and instructor, California based
  • Fred Brunton – UAV/UAS flight operations, FAA certified pilot, California based
  • Jeff Patsey – UAV/UAS flight VO support, California based
  • Patrick Brown – Director of Sales, California based
  • Cody Parker – field operations ground support, California based
  • Mark Blacklin – Pix4D lead,  FAA certified pilot
  • Don Cummins – AgPixel lead – ADS, Cessna 177, FAA certified pilot, Louisiana based
  • Kevin Mitchell – Post video/image production
  • Doug Crittle – Post video/image production
  • Peter Wade, ME – Lead hydro engineer
  • Fred Cox – Arborist, owner Richard’s Tree Service
  • Matthew Fehling – Lead UAV and fleet operations, Florida based
  • Dave Sweeney – Lead UAV and fleet operations, Louisiana based

  • Reimbursable Expenses:
    • Mileage: $0.575/mile
    • Delivery cost: Actual. All projects quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us for additional information, portfolio examples and a quick response to your request.

Our Combined Backgrounds

  • Licensed FAA GA and UAV pilots and AMA combined remote radio control experience measured in decades, which includes building aerial platforms from scratch using many different materials for several different platforms including; fixed wing, rotary, float planes and multi-rotors.
  • Single and multi-engine FAA General Aviation (GA) including helicopter ratings.
  • Civil engineering/aerial photography/agricultural inspections/Army Special Forces/AMA instructor in both fixed wing and multirotor/professional data-GIS compiler using Pix4D and AgPixel/Professional videographers/FAA certified general aviation flight instructor