NAA Tools

Our tools for your custom mission

UAVs – Nano to professional grade up to 55lbs, all FAA registered, insured and approved.

  • Pixhawk systems with up to 14 separate channels and 3lb payload with GPS for detailed individual site inspections
  • DJI – flight controllers and systems including: Mavic/Phantom 4/Inspire 1/Inspire 2/M210
  • 3DR – flight controllers and systems: Solo/Iris
  • Immersion FPV, both goggled and remote sensing ground stations (wireless)
  • Canon, Sharp and GoPro image systems, up to 5.2K HD resolution at 100fps. Geospatial information tagged . FLIR and Thermal 320×180 aspect imagery.
  • Both solid mounts and 3 axis gimbaled available for all platforms with remote sensor navigation and triggering
  • Mission Planner UAV software interface and data point collector, computer platform capable for autonomous flight open source. Main Developer credit: Michael Oborne
  • PixCapture / GSPro for application based mission planning
  • Ground station for mission planner and clients including real time computer input/output, live video feed on HD TV for client real time input and historical data for each mission flown
  • All of our UAV’s and equipment are all TSA approved.tsa-transportation-security-administration-logo

Processing – Onsite and offsite processing with unlimited cloud storage and access

  • pix4dlogoVolumemetrics software by PIX4D. Typical process includes two decimal accuracy and Ground Control Points (GCP) determined by the client for contour elevations
  • Client independant cloud server storage
  • Complete suite of post production video and still editing capabilities, for simple internal inspection reviews to commercial broadcasts via web and television.
2017 office. For more pictures from 2017 
NewAgeAerial office
NewAgeAerial UAV office 2015

sUAS batteries radios ground stations and transmittersNAA sUAS batteries radios ground stations and transmitters 2015

GA – Cessna 150 (60290) Cessna 172xp (948V) & 182 (3473F) Piper 60 (716J) fully owned and maintained. Helicopter applications by hourly request which is a rental, we provide the pilot.
Hangered Yolo County Airport (KMYV) Marysville, CA

img_0609Sanders and his Piper

Schultz and his Cessna