NAA Videos

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2015 Videos – New Bullards Bar dam face, abutments, penstocks. UAV and ground viewing. 2017 now use stabilized video footage by default

NAA penstock overflight (shot from the DJI UAV)

Dam face, abutment and penstock video 1of2 (shot from the iPhone)

NAA flight on Block 8 and abutment (shot from the UAV)

NAA flight on short lift (shot from UAV). 2.7k resolution at 6′ from dam face flow VLOS. Highly detailed.

iphone Dam Face About 300′ up (shot from the iPhone). Showing VLOS and spotter coordination.

Hour House Dam test flight prior to the pilot project of point cloud

prior to overflow
prior to overflow Jan 2017

click here for the Hour House Dam video posted on YouTube in 4K HD